What's Happening in 4th Grade?

Tia Sardelli recently completed an enrichment project on quartz.  While working closely with Mrs. Mann, Tia researched information about quartz and then created an interactive powerpoint to present to her fellow 4th graders.  She did an amazing job.  Way to go, Tia! 

Matty Hatty Day 

 Ashaway school students participated in a dance-a-thon to raise money for the Matty Fund which raises money for epilepsy research.  They had a great time!  Check out some of the fantastic hats that were worn by students!

 Math Bee

  On Friday, February 3rd, the 4th graders participated in the first ever "Math Bee."  Each child was given 2 minutes to complete as many math facts as they could.  Mr. Morrone will then score their papers and set goals with each student about how to improve his/her math fluency. 

 Special Guest Reader

  Mr. Morrone paid the 4th graders in Mrs. Young's class a visit on January 26th to read aloud a chapter from the book, Joshua's Song.   We are working on developing our vocabulary as we read.  Mr. Morrone led the class in some activities to strengthen our vocabularies!

 Spelling Bee

On Wednesday, January 4th, the 4th graders at Ashaway School participated in the annual spelling bee.  All of the students did an amazing job!  Congratulations to Chloe Shilale, our winner, and Madison Berlam, our runner up!  Chloe will represent our school at the Chariho Middle School Spelling Bee in February.  Good Luck!

 Chorus Concert

 The members of chorus put on a great holiday concert for the school on Wednesday, December 21st.  Nice job, 4th graders!

4th Grade Puppet Shows

Students in the fourth grade spent some time researching animal adaptations.  As an extension activity, they wrote and performed puppet shows to teach others about adaptations.  Click here to read more about the project and see the adorable results! 

Channel 12 Visits Ashaway School! 

 On Thursday, November 17th, News Channel 12 visited Ashaway School.  Sara Sweetman, who works very closely with our school, was being interviewed about her appearances on Sesame Street as a science advisor.  She was filmed by Channel 12 at Ashaway School during a 4th grade science lesson.  The 4th graders were so very excited to be featured on TV! 



 Hopkinton Tour

 On Friday, October 28th, students were treated to a historical tour of Ashaway thanks to the Hopkinton Historical Society.  We learned so many interesting things about our little village of Ashaway!  Be sure to ask your kids about the bell that sits in front of our school!  Many thanks to the Historical Society for sponsoring our trip!

URI WRAMS visit Ashaway! 

On Thursday, October 6th, players and coaches from URI Women's Basketball came to talk to Ashaway 3rd and 4th graders about doing their best and never giving up.    The students were so excited!  After meeting and talking with the coaches and players, the 3rd and 4th graders signed a committment poster pledging to do their best on the upcoming NECAPs.  Click here to see pictures of the event.

Special Visitors!

On Wednesday, September 28th, we had visitors from the Pequotsepos Nature Center.  They  taught us so many amazing facts about owl adaptations!  The students even met two real owls, and had a chance to dissect actual owl pellets!  All of this knowledge will help us as we read the book, Poppy by Avi.   Check out the pictures from this fantastic event!

 Spotted at Open House!


It was so nice to meet all of you at open house on Monday evening!  We hope you enjoyed visiting the classrooms and meeting the teachers!  We even were able to snap a few family photos during the night!  Click here to see some amazing Ashaway families!

Be sure to check out our science page to see pictures and updates about current science lessons. 

First Week of School

Our first week of school went very well!  We are learning routines and expectations for the 4th grade!  All students received an agenda book to record homework, and a special folder to organize papers that go back and forth to school.  On Thursday, we had 2 special visitors to our school.  They represented the "American Warriors" - men and woman who served in the armed forces during WWII.  The 4th graders will be writing letters to some of these heroes.  They will receive these letters on September 24th when they are honored for their service to our country.  If you would like to see some pictures from our first week, click here. 


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