Hello! My name is Miss Cooney and I am a student teacher from the University of Rhode Island. I am very excited to be joining Mrs.Young's classroom for the remainder of the year. I have many different activities planned for the rest of the year and we have already started some of them! Miss Brown and I started a virtual road trip through the United States in social studies. Each week students will be given two mystery states for homework. On Friday, we will travel to our mystery states. Last week we did a reanactment of Ellis Island, took a virtual tour of the White House, and even got to try New York Bagels! This week, we will be traveling to Florida and Louisiana!


 Follow our virtual tour at home...


Be sure to check out some pictures at the bottom of the page!! 


Week 1:

Departure: Westerly, RI

1st Stop: Plymouth, MA

Take a tour of Plymouth Plantation...



2nd Stop: Hershey,PA

See how they produce chocolate at Hershey Park!



Week 2:

Departure: Hershey,PA

1st Stop: Grand Central, NY

Take a helicopter tour of New York City!



Ellis Island Immigration Video



2nd Stop: Washington, DC

Take a tour of the White House



Week 3:

Departure: Washington, DC

1st Stop: Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

Check these sites out for more information about NASA and the Kennedy Space Station:





Check out this site for information on Everglades:



2nd Stop: New Orleans, LA

Check out these sites for information about Hurricane Katrina:



Click here for pictures from our Mardi Gras Event



Week 4:

Click here for pictures from week 4 of our virtual road trip to Arizona and Texas!


Week 5:

Click here for pictures from week 5 of our virtual road trip to California and Hawaii.



Please contact me with any questions or concerns.



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