Weekly Objectives 

 Reading: This week in Mrs. Ornburn's reading class, students are reading History Mysteries.  These mysteries incorporate all the skills that students have learned about questioning, inferring, and following your inner conversation.

      Mrs. Young's students are learning about determining importance in nonfiction texts.  They are reading an article about Amelia Earhart.

  Check out the "Reading" Tab on the right to see some updated information about our reading program.

 Math: In math this week, We will take a test on Chapter 13.   We will then begin Chapter 14 which is the study of area and perimeter.  We will also continue to practice long multiplication and division so students become fluent in these areas.

    Students continue to graph the results of their minute math each day.  They are setting goals to improve their automatic recall of facts.  It would be helpful if they continued to practice facts at home as well.

  Science:  We are waiting for our next kit which will be Motion and Design.  In the meantime, we are doing some practice for NECAP testing.  The science NECAP tesing will take place in May.

 Social Studies: 

  Our amazing student teachers, Miss Brown and Miss Cooney have developed a virtual tour of the United States.  Each week, students will "travel" to 2 states in the U.S.  Last week, students traveled to California and Hawaii.

  In California, students made their own stars for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  They also learned all about the California Gold Rush, and they had the opportunity to participate in their own Gold Rush on the playground.

  In Hawaii, students learned about Pearl Harbor.  They also participated in a Luau and learned the Hula!  They looked amazing in their grass skirts!  Be sure to check back next week to see where we go next!

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