Reading Workshop

Making Inferences 

         Authors often don't tell us everything.  They give us clues in the text and it is up to us to infer what is happening.  A great example of this is characters and their emotions.   The author may tell us that a character slammed the door and stomped across the room.  We can infer that the character is angry. 

    Students in both reading classes had the opportunity to practice this.   They had great time "acting" out feelings.  The class had to guess which feeling was being portrayed.  The students then made posters with key words that express different feelings.  Can you guess how the students in the pictures below are feeling?  Check back for a look at their finished posters!

Mrs. Young's Reading Class

  Click on the pictures below to learn a little bit more about Mrs. Young's reading class! 

 Our Reading Binders

Our Reading Workboard 

Our Reading Journals 

 Our Reading Goal Chart

 Reading in Action

 Each of the pictures below shows students participating in various activities in reading.  They work in small skills groups, guided reading groups, with partners, and independently.

We will learn the 7 key comprehension strategies, and apply these to both fiction and nonfiction texts.  Our reading workshop also consists of explicit instruction in fluency, vocabulary, phonics, and spelling.  We will read several books by author, Avi, including the book, Poppy

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