Make sure to look at Miss Cooney's page for all of the pictures from our Social Studies events!!!

I am Mrs. Ornburn's 4th grade student teacher. I am very happy and excited to be joining the class this year! We have already been doing a lot. We have now finished chapter 13 in math and will be starting chapter 14 which covers perimeter and area.



  Be sure to ask your child what we did in social studies on Friday! Every Monday and Wednesday your student will be given a mystery state. This will be a state of exploration on our Friday virtual tours. I will post the links to the videos incorporated into our virtual road trip so the whole family can go on the trip at home!


Week 1:

Departure: Westerly, RI

1st Stop: Plymouth, MA

Check out the Tour Plymouth Plantation Video and more here:


2nd Stop: Hershey,PA

Check out the Tour of Hershey Park production line and more here:


Week 2:

Departure: Hershey,PA

1st Stop: Grand Central, NY

Check out the helicopter tour of the city here:


Check out the immigration videos from Ellis Island here:


2nd Stop: Washington, DC

Check out the White House video here:


Week 3:

Departure: Washington, DC

1st Stop: Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

Check these sites out for more information about NASA and the Kennedy Space Station: 


Check out this site for information on Everglades:


2nd Stop: New Orleans, LA

Check out these sites for information about Hurricane Katrina:


 For a free space flight simulator download here:


Week 4:

Departure: New Orleans, LA

1st Stop: San Antonio, TX

Check out this site for facts on the Alamo:

2nd Stop: Grand Canyon, AZ

For information on the Grand Canyon look here:

For information on the IMAX Grand Canyon movie, to look at the trailer and to look at a Grand Canyon webcam view this:
To visit the Hoover Dam and find out how it works watch this:
To Square Dance at home click here:

Week 5:

Departure: Grand Canyon, AZ

1st Stop: Hollywood, CA

To learn the history of the Golden Gate Bridge click here:

To learn how the Gold Rush impacted California watch this video:

2nd Stop: Honolulu, HI
To learn about the bombing of Pearl Harbor click here:
Here is another great video:
Finally, to watch some Hawaiian luau's click here:



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at:

Science Experiments 

 Matty Hatty Day

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